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Spar VR - Store Of The Future Virtual Reality App

  • Spar Vr - Virtual Reality App and Video

In celebration of their 100 year history, retail giants Spar and Blakemore Trade Partners present a concept ‘Store of the Future’ in full Virtual Reality.

This fully 3D rendered VR tour shows a glimpse of the future, enabling you to be transported forward in time to experience a virtual store. Spar VR has been delivered by the innovative designers and coders at Gooii ltd, with all design, 3D modelling and coding completed entirely in-house.

With drones flying overhead, holographic ordering points and displays, ‘Spar VR’ enables users to experience Spar’s vision years before it becomes a reality using Google Cardboard VR compatible virtual reality headsets and their phones.

The app is currently available on the Android app store with iOS coming soon. Spar VR can also be viewed on any compatible device via YouTube including iOS, Android and desktop (Chrome Browser required for desktop viewing).

Download from the Android Store or view on YouTube.

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App Game Development - Splitty Kitty for iOS and Android

  • Splitty Kitty - iOS and Android app game development

App Game Development

Split them kits, then pop their balls. Splitty Kitty is a cross platform iOS and Android app game development, that features power ups, in-app purchases and its own in-app currency. Swipe to split a kit, then tap to pop. Unpopped balls turn back into kitties, try and clear the screen as more kitties fire on. Furious feline action. Don’t let them ruin your life!

Splitty Kitty is both fun to play but just as importantly the in-app purchases and advertising enables the app to make money. The Splitty Kitty app project also included a social media marketing package, ensuring the app will achieve the downloads required to make the development profitable.

Other features include leaderboards and achievements using iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Games.

Download and getting splitting:

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DriveVR Virtual Reality App Development

  • Drive VR - Virtual Reality App
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New Virtual Reality App

DriveVR is the first iPhone and Android virtual reality app development of its kind. DriveVR allows you to safely explore real-life driving situations via fully immersive VR. Your decisions could change your character’s life and the lives of everyone around them forever.

Gooii’s role in the development of this innovative VR app includes: App concept and content creation, design and photography and iOS and Android app programming. We produced the Virtual Reality video segments in association with our client The Safer Roads Partnership, part of the Worcestershire and West Mercia police force.

The Drive VR virtual reality app works with ‘Google Cardboard’ compatible headsets, readily available from as little as a pound. The app is fully functional without a headset, using a compatible iOS or Android mobile device.

Download the DriveVR app for iOS and Android by visiting:

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The 44 Music - Logo and WordPress Website Design

  • The 44 Music logo

The Forty Four is an artist management company based in London, committed to making great music and artistic development. Artists currently managed by The 44 include Gabrielle Aplin, Fono, Hannah Grace, Laurence Fox and Nottingham’s own Saint Raymond.

Gooii produced The 44’s new corporate branding, as well as a WordPress site which can be viewed at The site also ties in with Gabrielle Apin and James Barnes Record label Never Fade Records, also designed by Gooii.

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iMuseum - Website Design and Programming

  • iMuseum website design

The iMuseum website gives users free and growing online access to the Manx National Heritage Museum Collections, Manx National Heritage Library & Archives and the Isle of Man Sites & Monuments Record. The website also features a vast searchable database of census and people records from the last 150 years.

Built using a WordPress front end which leads to a bespoke database system, iMuseum provides a slick user interface to search the available collections, with all website design and coding completed in-house here at Gooii’s Nottingham office. Here’s what Jude Dicken, Information Manager at Manx National Heritage had to say about working with us:

“The team at Gooii have been great to work with, applying an imaginative response to our ideas; tweaking the look-and-feel of how information is delivered in response to user feedback; and providing expert online training and advice, making iMuseum responsive to smart phone and tablet by May 2016, a great turnaround.”

To view the site please visit:

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Royal Armouries Collections Website Design and Build

  • Royal Armouries Collections

Royal Armouries is the United Kingdom’s national museum of arms and armour, including artillery. The ‘Collections’ website brings unprecedented access to their digital archives and features large images of their collection objects, information unavailable online until now. Features include the ability to search and examine items from the collection, as well as fast autoloading of content, related media and detailed object information.

The Gooii solution is based on CIIM architecture, PHP framework for page rendering with the search interface in React JS drawing object data from an Elasticsearch index, aggregated from the museum’s collections management systems therefore providing the best in terms of speed of search performance and page visibility.

Gooii have been instrumental with the team at RA in the design and user experience of the collections website all in line with the RA branding guidelines.

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BBC RESBuilder - Website Design and Build

  • BBC RESBuilder

The BBC RESBuilder brings together huge BBC archives together for the first time, enabling users to search and build their own content libraries.

A key feature of the BBC RESBuilder is an innovative PDF search function that enables users to select text and images from any document, with the system displaying all related media based on these organic searches.

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Javoo Dementia App - User eXperience and Design

  • Javoo Dementia App

Last year we had the pleasure of designing the Javoo dementia app, aimed at supporting sufferers and families of those with Alzheimers. We worked on the User Experience (UX Design), wireframes and logo, as well designing the app and interactive design prototype. As part of the design process we focussed on the iPhone version, with additional designs targeted at Android users.

Here’s what Scott Rosenberg co-founder of Javoo had to say about working with us:

“[It was] Great working with Gooii, the quality of the design was excellent, they delivered value far beyond what was asked of them.”

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National Maritime Museum - HD Image explorer

  • National Maritime Museum - HD Image Explorer

Gooii were commissioned by Royal Museums Greenwich to design and build a touchscreen gallery interactive for the National Maritime Museum, allowing visitors to explore the museum’s high definition images.

Technical Info – hold tight!: A PHP Content Management System enables museum staff to gather and repurpose their Solr data into customised themes, which are stored in couchDB. The touchscreen UI built with AngularJs utilises the Open Source OpenSeadragon library and enables users to smoothly pan and zoom these HD images. Launching the UI with Chromium in “kiosk mode” ensures a slick full screen UX.

To view the HD Image explorer please pay a visit to the National Maritime Museum.

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Interactive Resources - Website Design and Build

  • iR Site Redesign 01
  • iR Site Redesign 02
  • Interactive Resources Homepage

With over 650 maths games and activities, Interactive Resources is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of interactive content to schools worldwide. Having commissioned Gooii to build the original website a number of years ago, Interactive Resources returned to us for a full redesign and rebuild.

The new Interactive Resources site boasts a total design refresh, an activity browser, the ability to browse by product CDs, enhanced favourites functionality as well as improved search and filter options. Under the hood a lot has changed too, there’s a new Content Management System and a totally re-written backend, ensuring the site is as fast as it is secure and reliable.

To view the site please visit:

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