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Mobile App Growth Is Astonishing

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Recent surveys suggest 42% of SMBs have built a mobile #app, and that number is expected to grow to 67% by the end of 2017. The fact is we spend more time on our smartphones than we do our desktops and its only going one way. Businesses cannot afford to ignore that change in tide and not have a dedicated business app or at the very minimum a fully responsive website.

So if you wish to give your business a boost with your own business app for mobile trading, improve your brand awareness with customers and prospects then call Gooii today.

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Bespoke Printed VR Headsets

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Amazing #GoogleCardboard #VR headsets for our award winning app #DriveVR.

Many people who discuss #VR or #AR projects with us incorrectly assume you need expensive headsets. Yes you can purchase #Oculus Rift headsets that cost many hundreds of pounds each but you can also buy #SamsungGearVR that are significantly cheaper. If you are presenting your #VirtualReality or #AugmentedReality product to groups of delegates, then why not consider #GoogleCardboard headsets. These are even better value alternatives and because of their price they can take these home with them after the event.

One distinct advantage with these headsets, apart from the price point, are the possibilities of branding them with your corporate or app identity, like #DriveVR.  This option can reinforce your brand awareness long after the initial engagement has ended and ensure the delegates have an opportunity to share your product with friends and spread the word.

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Augmented Reality Architectural Model

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A fantastic Augmented Reality architectural model project. The traditional printed drawings are laid out on a desk but by using a tablet, the clients can now see the houses start building on top of the drawings right in front of them, including the landscape growing out of the ground and gently maturing.
Couple this with a live link to a database to feed house specifications, interior views and their status to the model, this offers something quite unique to any construction company, architect or estate agent.
This technology can also be integrated into your current website so contact us today!
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Road Safety Courses Enhanced By Virtual Reality

Safer Roads Humber commissioned a report recently that evaluated the psychological and physiological effects that take place when viewing differing types of content. The results included that the playing of a 3D film against a standard 2D did increased impact on their 120 students who took part in the study.

However the report also confirmed our opinions that playing of a VR video on its own will not lead to the required behaviour change and could lead to participants detaching themselves from the scenarios playing to them. We believe the VR content must be delivered in a innovative way and be used as part of a wider intervention approach that includes quality education and possibly meeting the victims of tragedy to become effective.

Our award winning DriveVR road safety app developed with West Mercia Police has an innovate timeline approach so it can effectively communicate the adverse effects a decision can have on their own future life chances.

If you wish Gooii to help you increase engagement on your safety courses then please contact us today.

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Developing An App – Episode 5 – Documenting Your Brief

Before you engage with any potential development partner you need to collate all your thoughts and aspirations for your app coherently ready for presentation. Do not concern yourself with details such as what development language should be used because this is something the developers will manage and provide advice on. Your role at this stage is to provide a concise brief to communicate exactly what you would like to start the ball rolling. You don’t have to be technical to do this, just try to explain what you want your app to do.

Start with a simple requirement and expand on each descriptive within that requirement. For example your initial simple requirement may be;

I wish to develop an app that allows users to share their experiences skydiving.

This, in a nutshell, is a statement of what you would like. Now we need to expand on each of the key points in this statement;

‘app’ – would this be Android or Apple or both? Do you need a website too? Would the website allow anyone to view skydivers and their experiences?

‘users’ – would these users need to be registered? Do we need to allow registration of those users and allow them to create a profile? Then take a selfie?

‘share’ – share with friends and/or other users only? Would this be on social media or just within the app? Could people follow you and get notifications of updates?

‘experiences’ – would this be text only or take/upload pictures? upload video? would be need a blog running up the event?

‘skydiving’ – are they doing this simply or pleasure or is it for charity? do we need to reference a donation site? do we accept donations?

So now we have asked these questions the new updated requirement would look like this with the original text in bold to illustrate how we have expanded it;

I wish to develop an Android and iOS app that allows users to create an account with their main details in it including a photo via the app or a website to share with their friends on social media, via the skydiving website or app with their experiences posted via blog updates leading up to the event containing video and pictures of their  skydiving experience and give then links to their donation page if they are  doing this for charity.

We can see this is a lot more detailed than the original version and you need to carry on like this expanding and refining the detail where you can up to a point where you think you have added as much as you can think of. If we now analyse this last version of the requirement, it is probably one very long sentence with a few grammar issues but it does not matter. You now need to edit this text and you will find you have a clear initial brief of your app that any potential development partner would be pleased to receive as an initial starting point. You will also find that some information is duplicated but that is also fine and expected – remember the software developer will be creating a formal specification, pathways document and wireframes for you.

From our skydiving example you could have something like the following:

I wish to develop an Android and iOS app with accompanying website for the skydiving community to come together and share their experiences.

The app and website will allows users over the age of 16 to create an account with their main details such as Name, Address, email, gender, DOB and personal statement. They could also register using their social media or Google Account. They can assign a profile photo taken by the camera on the phone or uploaded from the Gallery. If they are doing a skydive for a charity they can register this date, give the event a description, enter a donation page link and their financial target. They can search for and follow other app users who could be there on the same date for the same reason and join their event, therefore when creating an event they need an alert if one already exists so they can join it. Once they follow another user or join an event, that users blog updates will be shared with them or followers. The user can also be notified of any other users who log that they are skydiving that same date, the same event and follow them if they wish.

To share their experiences with their friends who are not using the skydiving app, the app will allow connection to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts either upon account creation or at a later stage. When linking their account to social media, the app will post an update to those accounts saying this user has downloaded the skydiving app to let their friends know they are taking a skydive, what date and if it’s is a charity event the links to the donation page. 

Their experiences can be recorded using the apps own blog containing text, emojis, video and pictures. When a post occurs on the blog this can update other app users who are following them or the event via notifications and an email too. The users who see these posts can also respond once again with text, emojis, video and pictures. Their linked social media accounts can also be updated from a blog post but this could be disabled on a post by post basis.

When leading up to their skydiving date, app users who follow them and social media can be reminded at 7 days and 1 day to give generously for their good cause with links to their donation page if they are doing this for charity. Once they have completed the jump they can flag the charity event as being complete and send a message to all app users who followed them and their social media pages thanking for their support.

Coming in Episode 6; How to choose the correct developer partner.



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Developing An App - Episode 4 - Create a Prototype App

If the development costs of your app are currently beyond your budget and an MVP approach as discussed in episode 3 of this series is not a viable option, then building of a prototype with a Market Analysis Report to present to your board or chosen funding provider will be your best approach.

It is also worth considering that even if you have the funding in place, the prototype route can also be used to obtain valuable information from your target market users. Create a user group of potential clients who can provide constructive feedback on the prototype; its look, feel, navigation, functionality. This can provide you with valuable feedback that can be incorporated into the development process early on in its lifecycle. As a general rule within the software development community, the further down the road you are in the development process when you add a new a feature, the potentially greater the cost of that feature because you may have to go back previously completed stages and make a change to that coding.

A prototype will basically be a ‘working’ model of your app but all the values shown (such as name and address, a profile picture or a product list) are hard coded into the app itself. You can navigate through a typical process but everything shown on screen will be pre-populated. There may be other functions and options within the app shown on screen but these will not function but they will be there for discussion purposes. This will convey the use of the app to any investor but it will not have all the coding and database in the background. Thus the cost of a prototype will be far less than the full development of the app and more importantly it’s not wasted capital. When you do obtain funding the missing coding and database can then be built and added to the existing designs

To accompany the prototype work, your developer should also be in a position to provide you with a Market Analysis Report. This would accompany your prototype and build the cornerstone for any presentation. It should contain information and data on your chosen target market, the market need, competitor analysis, barriers to entry and any regulations that may be in place that could have an adverse affect. Within this MAR you can also incorporate some of the findings from the prototype user group to further substantiate your case.

Coming in Episode 5; How to document your requirements for a developer

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Developing An App - Episode 3 - How Much Does It Cost?

As the saying goes, this is the $1m question and in some cases a significant amount more! Lets consider Airbnb. A world famous app that at the current estimates cost in excess of £600m to develop increasing every day. This is excluding all other costs such as marketing, maintenance and support. Most companies or even entrepreneurs will not have this level of funds available to them when they wish to develop their idea or mobile services for their customers.

As a rough guide a very simple native application (i.e. not a responsive website) that needs to be downloaded from the appropriate app store and installed on the device will cost an absolute minimum of £10,000 to design, wireframe, document, code, test and submit to the relevant app stores.

Some might say that a responsive websites are a good alternative solution. These are websites that automatically resize to the screen size the website is being viewed upon. If you are on a desktop the menus could be on the left, when the screen is made smaller (maybe on a phone) then the menu moves to the top and is accessible under a button. Responsive websites are not always the best solution for web or functional design. What works best on a desktop with a mouse and full keyboard is not what works best on a phone where a thumb is being used to navigate.

I don’t have £1m, so how can I start my app?

Most companies or private entrepreneurs start with smaller apps and grow their mobile presence over time. There are more and more smaller businesses starting with an app that is labelled as MVP. A Minimum Viable Product contains, as its name suggests, the minimal set of features to get it off the ground. Once revenue is being generated this is used to reinvest to add more features as their budget allows. You can also use this approach to your advantage where you can ask existing users to participate in a survey at each development stage and establish what new features would be more beneficial to them. This can then guide development and give your customers what they want and help you grow. Just remember the big players like AirB&B, Starbucks, Facebook, ebay, all started off much with smaller apps than they have today from an initial limited budget. As they grew they added more features as budgets allowed.

Coming in Episode 4; How can I obtain additional funding?

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Add Apple iBeacon Technology To Your App

  • iBeacon

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is the Apple solution for location awareness that is integrated with a customers iOS device and opens up a world of mobile business opportunities. It’s relatively new technology and those who can adopt this new standard in mobile advertising can quickly can steal a march on their competitors.

The iBeacon hardware is a low cost, low power bluetooth device that broadcasts a signal that can, when combined with Apple location services, alert an app as you approach to listen out for a iBeacon signal. Once the app receives this signal it can trigger an action.

How can it work for me in my sector?

Museum, Heritage Site or Institution? If you are a museum you could alert your customers as they pass in the street of a new collection that has opened in the last few days. If they are already inside the museum you can alert them to additions to a collection that have been added since their last recorded visit. If you are a heritage site that has recently finished restoring an area you can remind visitors as they drive through the front gates not to miss a newly opened room and provide information on its history and contents direct to the phone.

School or University? Educators can use iBeacons to alert students when entering a specific educational area of the expected behaviour or help new students to navigate around the school. As a student is entering a classroom or lecture theatre, they can have the relevant syllabus materials delivered to the device.

Retail Store? If you are a retailer, you can broadcast an exclusive offer to your app users as they approach the door even if they were initially only planning on passing by. If they are already inside the store you can let them know of new products as they are passing the display unit or if they have a history of being a coffee lover then entice them to try the new exclusive brand available in the cafe.

Health & Safety? For restricted, dangerous or those areas that require PPE an alert could be displayed on the users phone as they approach the area and if they continue a notification could be sent to an authority to alert them of this danger.

There are so many possibilities with this technology. Combine the data collected on customer movements from these devices with buying patterns held in the app this can all provide valuable data on the behaviour of your customers.

Contact Gooii today to find out more.

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Developing an App - Episode 2 - Time For A Rebrand?

Rebrand your business so it’s ready for the mobile age

You may have been using the same logo and brand identity for many years, and it has probably served you well. But all logos, even those from giants like Coca Cola or McDonalds have been revised, tweaked and updated over the years to keep them modern, fresh and communicate the correct message for those times. However it is not always a wholesale change of branding that is required, those iterations are always subtle and looking back at the original logo you can still recognise who it is. If you search Google for ‘coca cola 1950’ you will see those classic advertisements sparking nostalgia in some but your recognition of the brand is instant.

If you are making your first step into the mobile space you will need to have a modern, fresh and recognisable presence on this new platform to be seen as current. Having an app where the logo and colour scheme look like they are from 1920’s is not going to engage the user as much as something that is fresh and modern where users find the brand engaging and exciting to look at. You can have the best user experience developers working on your app but if the brand isn’t stimulating and exiting users could be turned off immediately.

So when you need a new app (or maybe a website or any new market engagement) considering the following benefits of a rebrand:

  1. Attract prospects with a new exciting brand identity that is modern and gives them the feeling they want to work with you.
  2. The rebrand will communicate your company’s values and attracts the type of customer you want to work with.
  3. It communicates your companies professionalism and can give you the opportunity to increase your fees to your customers.
  4. Differentiate yourselves from your competitors, maybe adjust your company focus if needs be and stand out in your market place.
  5. People buy from people and if you staff are proud to wear your logo they will be more confident, engaging and their ability to enthuse others to work with you will be increased. Your rebrand will have a positive effect on staff, moral and engagement with customers and prospects.
  6. If you are pushing into new markets or your business model and demographic has changed over the years, the rebrand can help you achieve more success by resonating with that new demographic. Remember society and culture also changes over the years.
  7. Rebranding is a great opportunity for you to engage in plenty of social media activity even leading up to the change. Give your followers snippets of new ideas coming soon.
  8. When recruiting, potential high quality employees will see your brand identity and be inspired to work for you too.

When making a decision to rebrand your company, it is not one to be taken lightly and it does have its risks. It needs to be well researched and executed but it can bring amazing results. Not rebranding and leaving your company with an image that is looking tired and out of date could be much more of a risk for your companies future going forward than a rebrand.

Coming in Episode 3; How much does it cost to develop an app?

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Developing An App - Episode 1 - Why?

Does your business really need an app?

The simple answer is yes you do, otherwise your competition could gain a major business advantage over you. I guess you would expect us to say that but a business that has its own app can steal the march on its competitors by offering their customers the benefit of quick and easy communication and purchases, improved customer service and keeping up to date with them on the go. In 2016 90%* of companies surveyed said they were going to increase investment in their mobile apps so if you are not one of these 90% you could be in danger of falling behind.


1 – Improve Perceived Value With Your Clients

Giving your customers an app to keep in touch with their orders not only gives added value but benefits such as a free draw or loyalty points is a good way to add even more perceived value. We know customers who have promotions such as ‘freebie Friday’ or ‘Manic Monday’ where app users can win small items like some business cards, a banner, branded pens and notepads. It works a treat, engages app users, builds loyalty and doesn’t cost the company much in costs.


2 – Build A Stronger Brand

Consider this, everyone is looking at their phones everywhere they go. Is the opportunity to be there with them a good one? Letting them know of your special offers, discounts, exclusive app offers, loyalty discounts, news feeds? Of course it is!

Even if they are mostly using their devices for LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, your app is there on their phone and if you have a well designed icon they will still see this during every day navigation and be subconsciously reminded of your brand.


3 – Win More Business Quicker

There are so many reports that have been commissioned over the years that provide different measures on how much it costs to win new clients versus selling new services to existing clients. Having an app allows you to push those new services to the existing clients quicker than ever before and gain a faster ROI.

New customers can be attracted by the knowledge you have an app that allows them to order anytime of the day or night quickly and gain improved customer service.


4 – Staying Ahead Of Your Competition

Let’s face it, your competition will be trying to court your customer all the time. If they don’t have an app, the perception is that they are well behind you in technology, service levels won’t be as good and it will just reaffirm how advanced your business is to them. They will consider it a backward step to even considering changing supplier!


5 – Boost Efficient With Order Submission To Your SOP/MIS/ERP

E-commerce is mostly thought of as the concept of selling online to the masses 24 hours a day with low overheads. If this is your thought then you are right but you are missing a major advantage for your business.

You can gain major efficiency savings by submitting these online orders directly into your SOP/MIS/ERP system via an API. Recent studies have indicated that the cost of administering online orders where they have to be rekeyed into an order or invoice system can range from £30 to £80 per order, so all your profit could have evaporated before the administration of that order is complete. On smaller value orders you could even be loosing money.


6 – Make It Easy For Your Customer To Re-Order

If you supply physical product, consider printing a code on the item or box that your app can read. This allows a buyer to notice they are getting low, scan, confirm quantity and submit in less than 3 clicks. Be smart and use the GPS within the device to establish what location they are ordering from to preset delivery. Quick and efficient. If you then submit this order to your internal system via an API then it goes direct to production with no manual touch points.


Your own dedicated business app keeps you ahead of your competition on so many levels.


Coming in Episode 2; When designing your app, should you also take the opportunity for a rebrand?


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