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Spar VR - Store Of The Future Virtual Reality App

  • Spar Vr - Virtual Reality App and Video

In celebration of their 100 year history, retail giants Spar and Blakemore Trade Partners present a concept ‘Store of the Future’ in full Virtual Reality.

This fully 3D rendered VR tour shows a glimpse of the future, enabling you to be transported forward in time to experience a virtual store. Spar VR has been delivered by the innovative designers and coders at Gooii ltd, with all design, 3D modelling and coding completed entirely in-house.

With drones flying overhead, holographic ordering points and displays, ‘Spar VR’ enables users to experience Spar’s vision years before it becomes a reality using Google Cardboard VR compatible virtual reality headsets and their phones.

The app is currently available on the Android app store with iOS coming soon. Spar VR can also be viewed on any compatible device via YouTube including iOS, Android and desktop (Chrome Browser required for desktop viewing).

Download from the Android Store or view on YouTube.

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App Game Development - Splitty Kitty for iOS and Android

  • Splitty Kitty - iOS and Android app game development

App Game Development

Split them kits, then pop their balls. Splitty Kitty is a cross platform iOS and Android app game development, that features power ups, in-app purchases and its own in-app currency. Swipe to split a kit, then tap to pop. Unpopped balls turn back into kitties, try and clear the screen as more kitties fire on. Furious feline action. Don’t let them ruin your life!

Splitty Kitty is both fun to play but just as importantly the in-app purchases and advertising enables the app to make money. The Splitty Kitty app project also included a social media marketing package, ensuring the app will achieve the downloads required to make the development profitable.

Other features include leaderboards and achievements using iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Games.

Download and getting splitting:

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DriveVR Virtual Reality App Development

  • Drive VR - Virtual Reality App
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New Virtual Reality App

DriveVR is the first iPhone and Android virtual reality app development of its kind. DriveVR allows you to safely explore real-life driving situations via fully immersive VR. Your decisions could change your character’s life and the lives of everyone around them forever.

Gooii’s role in the development of this innovative VR app includes: App concept and content creation, design and photography and iOS and Android app programming. We produced the Virtual Reality video segments in association with our client The Safer Roads Partnership, part of the Worcestershire and West Mercia police force.

The Drive VR virtual reality app works with ‘Google Cardboard’ compatible headsets, readily available from as little as a pound. The app is fully functional without a headset, using a compatible iOS or Android mobile device.

Download the DriveVR app for iOS and Android by visiting:

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Javoo Dementia App - User eXperience and Design

  • Javoo Dementia App

Last year we had the pleasure of designing the Javoo dementia app, aimed at supporting sufferers and families of those with Alzheimers. We worked on the User Experience (UX Design), wireframes and logo, as well designing the app and interactive design prototype. As part of the design process we focussed on the iPhone version, with additional designs targeted at Android users.

Here’s what Scott Rosenberg co-founder of Javoo had to say about working with us:

“[It was] Great working with Gooii, the quality of the design was excellent, they delivered value far beyond what was asked of them.”

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iR Memory Match iPad App

  • Memory Match iPad App

The iR Memory Match iPad app provides an effortless way for users to create their own classic pairs games. A simple concept reimagined, the app provides the ability to play games locally, as well as share them online for other users to download and play.

Key Features include:

  1. A simple interface for creating your own matching pairs games
  2. Use text, take photos or access images on your device
  3. Save games locally on your iPad or online
  4. Share games with friends using a unique code
  5. Browse online games created by the Memory Match community
  6. Save your favourite games
  7. Improve your memory and knowledge
  8. Coded natively for iOS using Apple’s Swift coding language

As well as all app design and coding, Gooii built a backend database to store the online games, as well as a CMS (Content Management System) to allow Interactive Resources to view and moderate all user generated content.

Download the iR Memory Match iPad app here.

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The University of Cambridge 'Culture Finder' Website and Web App

  • The University of Cambridge 'Culture Finder' Website and Web App

Culture Finder is intended to help visitors to Cambridge plan their own tour. The central idea has been to focus on things (which might be museum objects, artworks or art events) rather than just venues or places, and build in some chance discoveries along the way.

Visitors can browse a selection of university curated tours, user published tours or can create tours of their own. The tour route is then shown on a map which can be printed out if required.

The website has all been designed with mobile users in mind, so rather than being a website with responsive templates the design has been led by mobile and tablet technology. One great feature is the ability to view the site after first use when offline, further closing the gap between websites and apps.

Culture Finder has been developed with the help of the Digital R&D Fund for the arts (Arts Council England, Arts and Humanities Research Council and Nesta) and was a collaboration between Gooii, Knowledge Integration, The Collections Trust, The Fitzwilliam Museum and the University of Cambridge. Key technologies include: HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, OpenStreetMap, couchDB and PHP.

To visit the site and mobile web app visit:

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Radius Systems – ‘Aeon Locator’ Android and Web App

  • Aeon Locator Android App

A great app isn’t just one that makes a company money but one that makes them more efficient. Designed for use by engineers out in the field, ‘Aeon Locator’ allows users to complete installation reports and submit them instantlly to an online database, where previously engineers would have had to return to the office to do so.

Key features include: An Android app, a web app for iPhone, Windows and Blackberry users, in-app QR and barcode scanner, the ability to take in-app photos or upload from the camera roll, location services, an in-app database ready for submission to the server and a secure online content management system. A recent update also sees the app rebuilt for Aeon Poland, with all translations carried out in-house.

Please note: The Android app and web app are accessible by Radius Systems and Aeon engineers only.

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'The Adventures of Biker Jack' iPhone and Android App

  • Biker Jack iPhone and Android Apps

The only app of its kind, ‘The Adventures of Biker Jack’ iPhone and Android app was commissioned by Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, in association with Staffordshire County Council, with the aim of reducing motorcycle casualties on our roads. Designed for young motorcyclists, the app provides information on how to stay safe, together with information on the use of protective gear. The highlight however are the 8 episodes of ‘The Adventures of Biker Jack’ each with a different road safety topic, and we will be pushing new video content to the app as it’s released.

Other key features include push notifications, the ability to store emergency contact information, an in-app GPS used to locate your position, information on what to do in the event of an accident and an online version of the app for Windows and Blackberry users.

The app was built using HTML 5 and AngularJS and packaged in native iOS and Android shells, which allowed us to create a cross-platform app at a fraction of the cost of two native apps, helping our client meet their budget restrictions. For the best results we recommend apps are built natively for each platform, but if budget is an issue and a cross-platform development is key, then HTML/AngularJS apps are a great alternative.

Download the Biker Jack app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
View the mobile app online at:

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'Wipeout Wall' Android and Amazon Kindle Fire Apps

  • Interactive Resources Wipeout Wall Android and Amazon Apps

The Wipeout Wall iPhone and iPad games have been so successful Gooii were commissioned to convert the apps from iOS to Android. This is a new service we are offering our clients, where we can either convert existing iOS games and apps, or we can build native cross-platform applications right from the very start using the same code base.

Available for the both HD, SD, phone and tablet devices, both version of the Wipeout Wall apps can be downloaded direct from the Google Play Store, as well as from Amazon for use on Kindle Fire Devices. To download the apps for your device please click one of the following links:

Wipeout Wall (+ & -): Google Play and Amazon
Wipeout Wall (x & ÷): Google Play and Amazon

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Fab-Phonics 'Rap and Tap' App for iPhone and iPad

  • Fab-Phonics Rap and Rap for iPhone and iPad

Learn to read and rhyme using this fun and exciting new app!

The Fab-Phonics’ adventures continue in ‘Rap and Tap’, staring Skids a super-cool dancer who can move things with his mind! Containing a selection of rhyming raps with colourful animations and sounds, The Fab-Phonics ‘Rap and Tap’ is designed to help teach young children to read. It’s fun, easy-to-use and focuses on building fluency in reading and rhyming simple three letter consonant, vowel, consonant words.

The app can also be used to help teach English as a foreign language, or as a tool for adults learning to read.

The Fab-Phonics ‘Rap and Tap’ is available now and is free for both the iPhone and iPad.

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