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PlayStation VR - VR App Design

As well as building apps for Google Cardboard VR, Gooii are excited about the prospect of developing for PlayStation VR (PSVR). I have to admit I was a little dubious about Sony’s first foray into virtual reality but the thing just blew me away. The headset itself is light, comfortable and looks futuristic in a ‘Back To The Future II’ kind of way. Its only real downside is the spaghetti junction of wires used to hook up to the PS4, junction box and TV (second screen), but if Sony had to find a way to make the device (relatively) affordable this seems to be the best solution.

Putting on the headset genuinely feels like “you’re going in”, reminiscent of old films like ‘Tron’ or ‘Lawnmower Man’. The 3D effect is also superb, everything you see feels solid and real and, despite the PSVR lower resolution when compared to most TVs, or the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for that matter, this is quickly put aside when the device takes over and transports you to a new world.

PSVR feels like a snapshot of VR’s future where slimmer, lighter, higher resolution headsets will be on the way in the next 3-5 years but Sony’s first attempt at Virtual Reality completely nails it and has to be experienced to be believed.

If you would like to talk to Gooii about developing a VR app for your business, please get in touch.

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Google Daydream VR

Google is already leading the way with cost effective virtual reality apps, by utilising existing mobile devices via their excellent Cardboard VR technology. Google have now officially announced the next step in their VRevolution by introducing the Daydream View VR headset, which enables high quality VR experiences with a simple smart controller using a compatible Google Pixel device, or any Daydream-ready phone. As well as developing for Google Cardboard VR our Nottingham Gooii office will also begin support for Google Daydream.

Learn more at

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New VR App Design In Production

  • Safer Roads VR App
Alongside production company We Are Caravan, we recently filmed a series of Virtual Reality videos for an app we have in production for the Safer Roads Partnership. Over 2300 photos were taken during the shoot, over 40 hours of VR footage was shot and the filming involved some of Nottingham’s brightest young actors and stunt persons, as well as Worcester police and ambulance services. This ambitious film shoot also included a bespoke VR camera rig developed for the project.
The app will be released for for iOS and Android later this year and will utilise Google Cardboard VR technology.

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Virtual Reality - Google Cardboard VR

Virtual Reality may not be new but this year it will become both mainstream and affordable. Leading the VR charge are Oculus Rift, Sony and Samsung but as app developers it’s Google Cardboard VR that’s exciting us most.

Google Cardboard VR is well within the reach of every modern smartphone owner, using cheap cardboard kits which can be purchased online for around £1 or downloaded for free and constructed at home. The user then places their iPhone or Android phone into the headset to view virtual reality content.

This is exciting stuff and a perfect fit for Gooii, as videos can easily be created and uploaded to YouTube or placed inside an app and launched on the Apple iOS and Android app stores. This opens up a new, cost effective and viable avenue route to VR content and company promotion.

It’s a very exciting time indeed.

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Apple iPhone Holds 94% of Smartphone Profits

  • Global Smartphone Operating Profit Share

Really interesting article from Apple Insider here, stating that despite being behind Android in hardware sales, Apple are way ahead of the competition when it comes to profits (Source: Canaccord Genuity). The main reason is hardware cost, with the average iPhone weighing in at $670 compared to Samsung’s $180. The research isn’t just collated against Android sales either, but also accounts for Blackberry and Microsoft (Windows) devices.

Interestingly and historically, as a company Gooii previously received more requests for iOS apps than Android. In recent months however we’ve seen an increase in Android requests, with a roughly 50/50 request rate for apps with a public release and a swing towards Android for non-public apps, due to the ease of releasing Android apps outside of the app stores.

To read the full article visit the Apple Insider website.


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The iPad Pro

Once known for shrinking things down to miniature size, Apple are clearly thinking BIG with the iPad Pro. Apple’s new iDevice boasts all the great apps we love, whilst closing the gap between tablet and laptop in a way Microsoft just can’t seem to manage. With its Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, the iPad Pro positions itself somewhere between the iPad Air 2 and a Macbook Air, which kind of makes it, well… a massive iPad. Now this is either a good thing if you’ve always felt the iPad was too damn small, or it puts it very much in the “meh” category.

The lure of the iPad Pro isn’t enough for me to ditch my Air 2, though Gooii’s test device preorder will be in place. For me the holy grail will be an iPad that can run both Mac OS and iOS simultaneously. I want to be able to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud design applications and Word one minute (well no one wants to use Word, just sometimes you have to), then download iOS apps from the App Store the next. Perhaps this is a sign such a device is imminent, or maybe this half way stage means it’ll never happen – which is just as likely considering Apple have stated their Macbook range will never support touch screens. It is however Apple’s prerogative to change their mind, demonstrated by Steve Jobs once mocking devices that used a stylus, which Apple now boasts as revolutionary – albeit one that transforms the iPad into a graphics tablet. What if the iPad Pro could be paired with the Mac to form a dual screen graphics tablet? Now that would be something truly special indeed.

To learn more about the iPad Pro visit the Apple Site.

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The All-New Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD

  • All-New Amazon Fire TV

Previously known for cheap books and poor customer service, Amazon has transformed like a phoenix from the Kindle Fire into one of our most innovative and ambitious technology companies, with customer service at its forefront. It would have been easy to dismiss Amazon’s foray into the tablet market but bold moves like this, as well as swallowing Love Film and spewing it up as Amazon Prime Video are strokes of genius. Prime Video for example started off has a bonus added to their delivery service, but despite the price hike has overtaken Netflix as the streaming service of choice in my household. I’m also keeping a keen eye on Amazon Prime Music, waiting for the right to jump ship from Spotify – after all I’m already paying for it, the content just isn’t there yet.

As an Apple TV owner looking forward to the release of the app store boasting v4.0, it’s with keen interest that I see Amazon’s latest Fire TV box is receiving rave reviews. Key features include 75% more processing power, 4K UHD capabilities, voice control, as well app favs Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, ITV Player, Demand 5 and BBC Sport – unfortunately Now TV and Spotify are conspicuous by their absence but will hopefully arrive soon. The box also arrives pre-configured to your purchasing Amazon account, a very neat and original idea, designed to make your life easier and get you spending. The only question for many will be “how many devices that do pretty much the same thing (Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Games Consoles) do you need in your life”? For me, maybe one or two more.

All-New Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD

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Apple Watch - Apple's Most Personal Device Yet

Hailed as Apple’s “Most personal device yet”, the Apple Watch feels like it’s been a long time coming. Whilst it’s essential Watch owners already have an iPhone or iPad, Apple are keen to give it a meaning beyond the device you already have in your pocket. Apple need to sell in its USP in order to market it beyond the gadget freaks and early adopters (yeah, that’s us) and the machine is working full steam ahead to do so.

A quick display of hands in the Gooii office and it’s clear some of us have mentally had our orders in since before the Apple Watch was even a rumour, whilst others will be waiting for another revision; and that’s the rub, you know Apple are going to release another watch within the next year. This is especially pertinent as it’s more glaring that the summer sun that one killer feature has been held back – the ability to FaceTime. Ever since I was child I dreamed of having a watch that I could see people on, it’s the stuff of sci-fi, it was also a feature missing from the iPad 1 and I can’t help feeling that a subsequent revision will refine and nailing the concept, just as Apple did with the iPad 2.

As well as being Apple’s most personal device it’s possibly their most expensive, with the top of the range model weighing in at a hefty £13,500. The starting price however is a more palatable £299 for the 38mm model and £339 for the 42mm watch.

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The iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8

  • Apple iPhone 6

How would Gary Busey describe Apple? Advanced, Phone, People, Love, Excellence.? Hmm maybe not. But there is no denying that when it comes to innovative technology Apple lead the way, but are Apple currently playing ketchup [SIC]? Possibly, the one area Apple has received ridicule in is the size of its definition, which is most certainly not a show’er, while Samsung release Android devices so big they’ll soon be replacing our 40″ TVs.

Apple’s response is of course the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with the latter boasting a pocket busting, trouser stretching, 5.5″ 1080p screen. But is bigger always better? With the release of the iPhone 6 tomorrow (19th September) it won’t be long until we find out, assuming there’s enough stock to go around, of course. And for those not upgrading you’re in luck, iOS 8 is released today. Hoorah! Apple are claiming it’s the “biggest iOS release ever” so if anything’s for sure it’s that Apple believe, without a doubt, that size definitely does matter.

Click here to find out more about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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Apple Announce CarPlay for iOS

  • Car Phone

Not content with tying in your iPhone and iPad with iTunes and AirPlay? Good news! Apple have just announced CarPlay, allowing you to sync your iDevice with your 3rd most expensive asset (behind your house and kids). With CarPlay you’ll be able to make calls, use Maps (I wonder if that’ll include Google Maps?), listen to music and messages using either the car’s inbuilt system or Siri. Hopefully Siri’s requirement to access the net won’t be a barrier to using voice control, or munch all your data on the M1.

CarPlay will be available in 2014 in cars from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benx, Volvo, BMW Group, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motor Company, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corp. CarPlay will be compatible with iOS 7 and Lightning-enabled iPhones, which suggests a docking system and no iPad compatibility, which is a shame as I can see the iPad Mini working rather well with this.

View Apple’s press release for more info on CarPlay.

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