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Road Safety Courses Enhanced By Virtual Reality

Safer Roads Humber commissioned a report recently that evaluated the psychological and physiological effects that take place when viewing differing types of content. The results included that the playing of a 3D film against a standard 2D did increased impact on their 120 students who took part in the study.

However the report also confirmed our opinions that playing of a VR video on its own will not lead to the required behaviour change and could lead to participants detaching themselves from the scenarios playing to them. We believe the VR content must be delivered in a innovative way and be used as part of a wider intervention approach that includes quality education and possibly meeting the victims of tragedy to become effective.

Our award winning DriveVR road safety app developed with West Mercia Police has an innovate timeline approach so it can effectively communicate the adverse effects a decision can have on their own future life chances.

If you wish Gooii to help you increase engagement on your safety courses then please contact us today.

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Add Apple iBeacon Technology To Your App

  • iBeacon

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is the Apple solution for location awareness that is integrated with a customers iOS device and opens up a world of mobile business opportunities. It’s relatively new technology and those who can adopt this new standard in mobile advertising can quickly can steal a march on their competitors.

The iBeacon hardware is a low cost, low power bluetooth device that broadcasts a signal that can, when combined with Apple location services, alert an app as you approach to listen out for a iBeacon signal. Once the app receives this signal it can trigger an action.

How can it work for me in my sector?

Museum, Heritage Site or Institution? If you are a museum you could alert your customers as they pass in the street of a new collection that has opened in the last few days. If they are already inside the museum you can alert them to additions to a collection that have been added since their last recorded visit. If you are a heritage site that has recently finished restoring an area you can remind visitors as they drive through the front gates not to miss a newly opened room and provide information on its history and contents direct to the phone.

School or University? Educators can use iBeacons to alert students when entering a specific educational area of the expected behaviour or help new students to navigate around the school. As a student is entering a classroom or lecture theatre, they can have the relevant syllabus materials delivered to the device.

Retail Store? If you are a retailer, you can broadcast an exclusive offer to your app users as they approach the door even if they were initially only planning on passing by. If they are already inside the store you can let them know of new products as they are passing the display unit or if they have a history of being a coffee lover then entice them to try the new exclusive brand available in the cafe.

Health & Safety? For restricted, dangerous or those areas that require PPE an alert could be displayed on the users phone as they approach the area and if they continue a notification could be sent to an authority to alert them of this danger.

There are so many possibilities with this technology. Combine the data collected on customer movements from these devices with buying patterns held in the app this can all provide valuable data on the behaviour of your customers.

Contact Gooii today to find out more.

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The Historical Association Conference 2017

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350 people attended the annual 2 day Historical Association Conference 2017 and they were in for a treat with the keynote address given by the author, lecturer, broadcaster and champion of history Michael Wood who spoke on the Anglo-Saxons and the making of England.

You can find more via the link below including links to their Twitter feed. #Gooii_Design #Gooii_Partner

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2017 International Museum Day



Today is International Museum Day. Check your local museum for events and activities. Proud to be a partner with some of the finest heritage and culture institutions in the world including Imperial War Museum, Royal Armouries, University of Cambridge Museums, National Maritime Museum, Royal Museums Greenwich, Museum of London and more. #Gooii_Design #Gooii_Partners #MuseumDay

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Staff Photo Day...

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One of the main internal projects we have been working on recently at Gooii is a refresh of our website with more of a focus on our quality coding of web, app and Virtual Reality work. Another key stage is underway today with the photography of all the staff for our Meet The Team page and generic ones of our offices, all with a focus on tech that each of us love. Most of us went for our favourite childhood tech with the likes of the original Playstation, Gamecube or ZX Spectrum but Nicky, one of our Creative Directors, went for the more modern VR headset!

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2017 Survey Results

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All clients who traded with Gooii in the 2016 financial year were requested to provide feedback so we could obtain valuable statistics as to where we are successful and where we could improve. The results were excellent and surpassed all of our expectations. We are very proud of how the team have delivered projects and exceeded customer expectations in all areas. Key areas included 100% of clients that were satisfied with the communication they received from the team and would also recommend us to others!

It was interesting that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we popular areas where our clients believe would be a part of their future development plans, possibly based on our success with apps like DriveVR.

To download DriveVR and see how VR can help your business visit:

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DriveVR Client Testimonial

  • DriveVR Client Testimonial


“Right from the initial DriveVR pitching process, Gooii listened carefully to our brief and we were very impressed with their fresh ideas and innovative approach.

Gooii were a great company to work with and we would highly recommend them. We believe that Gooii have produced an app for us which is the first of its kind in road safety for young people, and we’re extremely pleased with it. I am sure we will work with Gooii to further develop and improve the DriveVR app, and I wouldn’t hesitate to approach them for other projects.”

Anna Higgins
Communications Manager
Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia

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App Game Development - Splitty Kitty for iOS and Android

  • Splitty Kitty - iOS and Android app game development

App Game Development

Split them kits, then pop their balls. Splitty Kitty is a cross platform iOS and Android app game development, that features power ups, in-app purchases and its own in-app currency. Swipe to split a kit, then tap to pop. Unpopped balls turn back into kitties, try and clear the screen as more kitties fire on. Furious feline action. Don’t let them ruin your life!

Splitty Kitty is both fun to play but just as importantly the in-app purchases and advertising enables the app to make money. The Splitty Kitty app project also included a social media marketing package, ensuring the app will achieve the downloads required to make the development profitable.

Other features include leaderboards and achievements using iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Games.

Download and getting splitting:

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Gooii VR App DriveVR In the Press


It’s been quite a week for our new VR app Drive VR, with the official launch taking place last week. Since then both Gooii and Driver VR have been featured by the BBC, Nottingham Evening Post, Road Safety GB, Planet Radio, Worcester News, Design Week and many more.

DriveVR is an iOS and Android app store first and uses innovative Virtual Reality technology to simulate real-world driving situations. DriveVR also features actors from Nottingham’s Television Workshop, directors, sound technicians, police, ambulance crews and stunt drivers.

Since the official launch DriveVR has received over 1.3k downloads. This is a phenomenal start and we look forward to its continued success.

To download DriveVR visit:

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Gooii Releases First Virtual Reality App

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Drive VR

Gooii are proud to announce the release of the Virtual Reality app ‘Drive VR’. Commissioned by the Safer Roads Partnership, DriveVR is a massive collaboration between Gooii’s talented team of project managers, designers, photographers and app coders. The app also features actors from Nottingham’s Television Workshop, directors, sound technicians, police, ambulance crews and stunt drivers. DriveVR is an iOS and Android app store first and uses innovative Virtual Reality technology to simulate real-world driving situations.

The app allows players to choose and customise a character and explore their social media timeline before encountering multiple driving events. Inspiration came from hard hitting road safety commercials, computer games, and time-travel films.

We can’t wait for everyone to see this app, so please download and share it now:

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